Mr J.K. Rattonsey born in pre independant India, in Mumbai city (then known as Bombay), is a man who lives by his conscience and believes in perfecting an art once taken on. A simple man who has worked extremely hard through his life, driven by passion to be perfect at his job, turned him into a successful diamond merchant. Not enamoured by fancy gadgetry his love for the outdoors and sports continues even today. 

Having represented his school in cricket as a child and spent endless evenings with family and friends over carrom games, he believes the interaction and time spent in any game together with friends and family is priceless. Even after retirement, he continues to work on new ideas.

'Ferali' being one such idea. Working relentlessly, day and night for over 2 years, he has brought it to fruition. The name 'Ferali' is a derivation from his own name Jaffarali.

The aim of the game along with the skill sharpening is to enjoy the time we have together with one another. A number of variations offered in 'Ferali' bring to the table cricket, snooker, poker and other games, where age and other constraints may bring restrictions otherwise. A game where all ages can sit together and play at once.

Quote by J.k.Rattonsey -

"A family that laughs together, stays together"