Features of Ferali's POKER Game :

  • This is a game of luck and skill
  • Players have to pocket coins as per cards held by them
  • First Person to complete the task wins
  • The values of the hands make the game more intresting

Features of Ferali's SNOOKER Game :

  • Ferali offers its players its very
    own version of snooker

  • A fun and challenging game

Features of Ferali's ZERO IS HERO Game :

  • Red and Black colours have
    set values
  • Players must add and subtract to
    achieve a score of zero
  • A fun family game

Features of Ferali's WORD BUILDER Game :

  • This game challenges the players to pocket as many
    coins as possible in a set
    time frame
  • After this is completed, the
    letters are used to make words